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Romanian point lace, tablecloth, crochet, coffee table runners, needlework, doilies from

Romanian Point Lace - Crochet

You may wonder, what is the relationship between Crochet, Romanian Point Lace and Wall Clocks? None. But I love my mother's work and I couldn't resist the temptation. She was always by my side and encouraged me with my dreams. She likes doing needlework, crochet and romanian point lace.

Romanian Point Lace technique started about 250 years ago and is very popular in European countries. It is a crochet tape lace in combination with needle lace. The tape is basted on the pattern, then the needle lace weaving stitches and bridges are used between the cords to connect the lace together. When the lace is completed, the basting thread is cut off. It is a very demanding craft and requires high artistic skills and patience. It takes time - depending on the design complexity - to finish a piece, anywhere from a week to many months of high quality work.

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Never Alone
 - MA11
Size: 7"X11"
The Twins - MA12
Size: 8"X12"
The Swirl - MA30
Size: 23"
Fancy Boy
 - MA15
Size: 20"X90"
Make it simple
 - MA16
Size: 25"X95"
The Happy Family - MA17
Size: 28"X52"
Bells and Flowers
 - MA20
Size: 13"X31"
The Cute One - MA21
Size: 16"X16"
The Queen - MA22
Size: 32"X32"

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Romanian point lace, tablecloth, crochet, coffee table runners, needlework, doilies from

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