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Art is about creating something different and unique every day. Along with the wall clocks would come, naturally, some wall decoration products. I have created all sorts of wall decor items from acrylic paintings to acrylic painted wall decorations and mixed media wall decor and....but I'll let you see and appreciate it for yourself.

Don't think of art as belonging to the riches! We all deserve beauty in our lives. A painting will always change your surroundings and will enrich your soul. And that is the most important thing after all. Why settle for cheap immitations when you can be unique? Just think of it and you'll be glad you opted for uniqueness.

And if you see something you like but the price is too high, just send me an email and maybe we can work something out. After all, fine art should be available to everyone, from those just beginning to collect art to the seasoned collector.

If you are an art lover, I hope you will be intrigued and fascinated by my work and will become one of my patrons. I truly thank you for being here and I am honored that you are visiting my website.

Each wall decoration item is signed and dated on the front. Some require framing, some do not, but frame is not included. We have them available for immediate shipping. Since they all require special packaging, shipping charges are not included.

Please contact us for the shipping charges.

*Click on any wall decor picture for price and availability.

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Gathering in the park - WD125
Size: 9"X12"
Zoomed In - WD117
Size: 12"X16"
The head - WD124

Hush - WD122
Size: 15"X30"
Sorry for the mess - WD119

Loneliness - WD121
Size: 16"X20"
The mask - WD114

Worlds apart - WD115
Size: 12"X16"
Landscape - WD118


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Decorative artifacts, wall decor, wall covering - interior decoration from TheAtik.com

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