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We are using only the highest quality full grain leather in all our leather products. We source our leather from well-established stores with years of experience in the leather production and finishing. Every item is created entirely by hand. From cutting the pattern, to sewing, to embossing, to finishing. We take great care to preserve the leather and its qualities and enhance it with our craftsmanship and artistic touch. You are forever delighted by becoming the owner of a joyous piece of art with utilitarian purpose. We guarantee the quality of our products and your enjoyment. With gratitude for being our sponsor, we thank you!



Our jewelry is created from brass and copper. We love the energy of these metals and the long-lasting benefits they offer to the human health. These metals have been used for millennia by artisans all over the world - from kitchen pots and pans to jewelry, from roofs to cutlery, from door handles to hand tools and much more. We cut and shape the design by hand using traditional tools. Then we create the engraved design of some pieces with a computer program. The next stage is to finish and buff the piece by hand and do all the necessary work to complete the wonderful item you are purchasing. We are delighted to share our work with you and deeply humbled by your interest.



All the knives are manufactured to last for many years of daily use. The blades are made of hardened steel and polished by hand to a mirror-like finish. To that wonderful process, we add the all-wood handles. The handle for each knife is created according to the shape and purpose of the knife. The wood we use is carefully selected and designed to match the blade line flow. Together, the metal and the wood form a perfect and harmonious item. The knives are only for personal use in the purpose of supporting your needs in a peaceful and loving way. Please keep them out of reach of children and enjoy. We are thankful for your loving support.

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About Us

The Atik Store was founded in 2004 in beautiful New Jersey, USA. Our pieces are inspired by nature, beautiful memories, freedom, kindness and respect for all. We strive to offer high quality and bold designs in objects of art that will last for generations. Thank you so much for becoming part of our universe and for supporting local artisans.

All our products are handmade, with love, in New Jersey, USA.We started small and dreamed big. Our vision has created many happy customers and a very rewarding opportunity to serve. To serve the need for beauty and joy in an ever- changing world. Our products are created using natural materials like leather, steel, copper, brass, wood, cotton...

For some of our items, we combine the use of natural materials with that of modern technology. The final products are both a reflection of the old traditions and a constant immersion in the new and ever evolving manufacturing processes.

Today we still work out of our small and productive studio and continue to provide our beloved customers with great service. For any questions, please send us a message at contact@theatik.com or you can choose to call us at: 862-248-2448. We are happy to answer your inquiries.

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